New Year, New Look

When it comes to writing, I dropped the ball. I admit it. One minute 2016 was fresh and new, and the next, it was gone.  And here we are, embarking on a new year yet again. I had a lot of ideas in mind for what to write about, and when, but…[insert your favorite excuse here]. Writing tends to ebb and flow, and I guess all I can say is, it was definitely an “ebb” year.

What I will say, is that it was a busy year. It was a year of change and growth. A year to celebrate, to console, to come together, and to fall apart a little. And to look after each other as best we can.

Whether 2016 was one of your best years yet, or you’re ready to close the book on this year and never look back, I wish you the best of everything in the year to come.  I’m starting off with the best intentions for keeping up with my blog, beginning with a fresh new look, and some notes in my margins.