The Worst Massages I’ve Ever Had Were My Own Fault

Of the many massages I’ve had in my lifetime, I can think of two which stand out as the most disappointing. Now, given the number of massages I’ve had in total (and no, I don’t have an actual count, but it’s a lot), I can say that two bad ones, relatively speaking, is pretty inconsequential.  And on a “bad” scale of 1-10, they weren’t really even terrible; just…lacking.  You get so jazzed at the idea of going and having a massage, you look forward to it from the moment you confirm the appointment date and time, and then you get off the table when it’s over, and think, “Meh. That was a bummer.”  But despite that small number, even now, years later, I can still remember them as being standouts.  And, as I never saw either of those massage therapists again, being a standout on the negative side is not a good thing.

But as I said, those negative experiences were my fault.  And here’s why: Continue reading “The Worst Massages I’ve Ever Had Were My Own Fault”