Why Seek Out a Massage Therapist?

Regular massages are beneficial in so many ways. The therapeutic impact that massage has on your immune, nervous, and endocrine systems can be felt long after you are off the table…with time, not only are you able to be more relaxed during your appointment, but you feel more relaxed on a daily basis. Massage can improve your sleep, your digestion, your ability to fight off illness, and your general sense of peace and well-being.

Your massage therapist is trained to listen to your individual needs, identify areas that need work, and communicate with you to deliver the best possible results.  While it is possible to feel immediate benefits from one massage, visiting your therapist regularly is the best way to see continued improvement of pain, tension, and relaxation.

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When In Doubt, Breathe With It.

It’s not uncommon when I’m working on a client, to come across a knot – a little spot in the belly of a muscle that somehow missed the message that it doesn’t need to contract anymore, and is stuck in a state of tension.  What I notice, when I start going to work on these knots, is that my client will hold their breath.  Their reaction to my locating this often painful, bean-sized offender will range from, “Ooh!” to, “What is that?” and sometimes even, “There it is!” And whether these are spoken or silent reactions, the natural accompanying reaction is to hold one’s breath, and wait for it to go away. Continue reading “When In Doubt, Breathe With It.”

Why Self-Care is a Resolution You Should Keep

“I’m going to take better care of myself this year.”

“I’m joining a gym.”

“I’m going to eat better.”

“I’m going to learn how to meditate.”

“I’m going to treat myself to a massage every month.”

…Sound familiar? Resolution time!  New Year, New You, right?  But wait…cheese tastes good.  So does beer.  And cinnamon buns.  And it’s too cold to go to the gym.  And my mind’s too much of a jumble to meditate.  And the holidays really took a toll on my wallet…and I really don’t have time… Continue reading “Why Self-Care is a Resolution You Should Keep”